What we do

CyGenica develops in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics. The company was established in India in February 2017, and incorporated in Ireland on November 2017. Cygenica has garnered the support of various entities and Key Opinion Leaders throughout the globe, and has been awarded prizes and recognitions in Europe and Asia. Some of the supporters include SOSV through Rebel Bio, Enterprise Ireland, the Indian government’s Technology Development Board, BIRAC, BPCL, among others.

Why we do it

Cancer is insidious. It always seems to find a way to embed itself people’s lives, the same way it managed to worm its way into our founder’s family. She was forced to see her father go though therapy and intensive care since her days as a student, opening her eyes to the 15 million cancer patients worldwide that shared his pain. This pain was a turning point: she decided to dedicate her research and her life to curing cancer, one way or another. Through chemistry, her initial field of study, she managed to understand the potential of new delivery mechanisms; and through her nanotechnology specialization, she got her Eureka moment. Cygenica is the result of almost two decades of research and the relentless pursuit of its founder to finally end the suffering of cancer patients and their families.

Who we are

Cygenica was founded by Dr. Nusrat Sanghamitra, pHD. Dr. Sanghamitra is a decorated academic in the field of chemistry and nanotechnology with over 17 years of experience researching nanomolecular machines. She’s been a researcher at Kyoto University and the Indian Institute of Science, as well as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford and Leiden University. She received the Foresight Fellowship on 2018, and the National Award of the President of India for Technology Startups that same year.

Dr. Sanghamitra is supported by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and business developers both in India and Ireland, as well as a global network of mentors and consultants. Her team ‘s expertise covers nanotechnology, clinical oncology, synthetic biology, etc.

Cancer drugs are toxic in high doses and useless in small ones. Our USG technology delivers drugs directly into the living cell, striking perfect dosage. We take cancer from mortal to manageable, radically improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

CyGenica develops in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics. Interested in collaborating with us for new applications? You can reach us on social media or through our contact form.



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