USG: Universal Sliding Gateway

CyGenica’s USG is a proprietary engineered molecule that works just like a molecular drill: it can bore into the cell and deliver drugs into it without causing any harm to the cell, solving the most crucial issue of intracellular delivery and lowering dosage by even 90%.

USG is to the cell what a USB is to any computer. It’s a system that allows safe transferring of (biological) information, and thus its applications are not limited to oncology, but expand also into superbug control, Car-T applications and even as an in vivo gene editing toolbox for Cas9 as a one-shot gene therapy tool.

The USG tech is non-endocytic, non-toxic, negatively charged and has low immunogenicity as well as low batch heterogeneity. It can be used to deliver:

As such, this key enabler can be marketed as a therapy adjuvant, a research tool for development, and a solution for various applications currently limited due to low in vivo delivery efficiency.

Cancer drugs are toxic in high doses and useless in small ones. Our USG technology delivers drugs directly into the living cell, striking perfect dosage. We take cancer from mortal to manageable, radically improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

CyGenica develops in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics. Interested in collaborating with us for new applications? You can reach us on social media or through our contact form.



Developed by: Malus Technology