What we do

CyGenica uses a non-viral, non-toxic platform to develop in vitro and in vivo delivery solutions for drugs, gene editing components, and antibiotics.

The most crucial issue of intracellular delivery for large molecules, especially for gene therapy, remains the cellular membrane. This biological barrier is a double-edged sword; while it prevents infectious agents from entering our body and causing disease, it also stands between the successful use of life-saving medicines and advanced therapeutic technologies.

The successful delivery of therapeutics into target cells and organelles would minimize the undesired ‘off target’ side effects and reduce the required dose.

Why we do it

Our founder’s father was diagnosed with cancer when she was still a student. She witnessed her father suffering from the side effects of his therapy over years. This life experience defined the goal of her life 'how to make cancer drugs safer and better' to make an impact in oncology and do her bit in the global fight against cancer.

CyGenica is the result of her and our team’s intense desire to make significant contributions to alleviate this suffering and improve the quality of life of millions of cancer patients.

Who We Are

We are a team of ambitious academicians and professionals striving to improve patient outcomes worldwide. Our goal is to develop the world's safest molecular carrier for therapeutics delivery and grow as an authentic market leader in enabling the next generation genome editing therapeutics for various life-threatening diseases such as cancer. With an indomitable spirit, we are committed to improve the quality of life of such patients.

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With Dr Eoin (John) Fleming, Lecturer,
Biochemistry, University College, Cork, Ireland

"University College Cork (UCC) is Ireland's first five star university, ranks 2nd in Ireland in National ranking of Ireland's third level institutions and 32 in the world in Times Higher Education World Impact Ranking. Our collaboration with UCC started when we received an innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland to work with Dr Florence McCarthy, Department of Chemistry & ABCRF for custom synthesis of modified antibiotics to support our work on antibiotic delivery. We continued our collaboration with Dr John V (Eoin) Fleming, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology by sponsoring a student (Ms Emer Cantillion) for her Masters followed by PhD program to support our work on novel protein chimera for the delivery of therapeutic proteins and nucleotides."


Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd is a globally acclaimed preclinical contract research organization. With Bioneeds India as our outsourcing partner, we successfully carried out our single dose 28 days toxicity study in mice. It was performed in compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice


We are working on project EVAPORATE: ‘Exploring a Data DriVen APproach tO PeRsonalised CAncer TherapiEs’ in collaboration with Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland funded by Innovation Partnership Feasibility Programme of Enterprise Ireland. Walton Institute formerly known as Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) is a cornerstone of ICT research and development activity in Ireland since 1996. It aims to investigate and verify futuristic next-generation technologies and works with industry partners to ensure their commercialisation.


Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune is a leading research institute in India. We are carrying out our bio-distribution studies by whole mice imaging with a service agreement with IISER Pune.

Member of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

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CyGenica’s GEENIE platform is a proprietary engineered negatively charged molecule that works just like a molecular drill boring through the cell membrane to deliver molecular cargoes to the nucleus without causing any harm to the cell, solving the most crucial issue of targeted intracellular delivery. GEENIE can be used to develop in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics.

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