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At CyGenica, we are revolutionizing transformative medicine. Join our team and help us pioneer the field of molecular drug delivery.

Imagine a world when cancer patients do not have to be hospitalized repeatedly to get multiple and massive doses of chemotherapy. Imagine a world where patients with rare diseases, which have no therapy available, do not suffer silently and are able to embrace life with a smile. That is a world where you can carry drugs, be it a small molecule or bio-molecules like CRISPR cas9, precisely into the target cells without any toxicity. That's what our goal is!

We are building a team of talented, dedicated, and passionate people to innovate, persist, and conquer challenges to positively impact human lives.

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At CyGenica, you will have the opportunity to work on stimulating and challenging projects with a multicultural international dynamic team and make a difference. If you want to join our team, please share your resume with us.

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CyGenica’s GEENIE platform is a proprietary engineered negatively charged molecule that works just like a molecular drill boring through the cell membrane to deliver molecular cargoes to the nucleus without causing any harm to the cell, solving the most crucial issue of targeted intracellular delivery. GEENIE can be used to develop in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics.

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